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You Got Here & I Got You!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or totally lost at a hair appointment? Seeing a new stylist for the first time can feel a lot like a blind date. I hope I can take away some of that anxiety, awkwardness or confusion by letting you know exactly what to expect when you book with me.


The experience starts when you make an appointment request below. I will start by directing you to my online booking site. After you submit your request, I'll double check that the date, time, and service selected makes the most sense for your hair needs and then we'll make it a date! After I confirm your appointment, you'll receive an email from me within 24-48 business hours welcoming you!


Once you've made it in, we will sit down together for a 10-15 minute consultation. Here, we will discuss not only the details of your first visit but also a long term plan to ensure all of your hair goals are met.​


I've got WIFI, water, seasonal beverages, snacks, and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes.


We will finish by styling, and of course, the Instagram photo shoot. I will recommend at home styling care to recreate and maintain your look at home, and we will set you up for your next maintenance appointment.

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